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Neuro Metabolic Activity Mapper


Compact Neuro Visualization for Clinic and Rehabilitation Centres

The wide use of contemporary methods of patient's brain stimulation requires the feedback or visualization to observe the real-time response and also long term effect of such treatments. One of the methods that provide feedback and visualization of a treatment is the Neuro-Metabolic Activity Map. The Neuro-Metabolic Activity Map is the most affordable and also an accurate method for visualization of metabolic rate in the brain.

ImagesIf you use the following methods:

  • Transcranial Micropolarization (TCMP)
  • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)
  • Electro and vibro stimulation
  • Sensory stimulation
  • Acupuncture
  • Physiotherapy
  • Oriental wellness practices (yoga, qigong, etc.)
  • Osteopathy and therapeutic massage

then in this case, one of the effective solutions would be Neuro-Metabolic Mapping for assessing the metabolic state of the brain.

The proposed method is based on the registration and analysis of the super slow electrical activity of the brain, followed by decoding and interpretation. The NMAM method is actually the only neuro-imaging tool available that can be used by non medical personnel. For this purpose, we developed a special version of the instrument - the five-channel Neuro-Amea recorder. This instrument focused primarily on clinical psychologists and neuropsychologists and psycho-physiologists. This instrument is also could be used by neurologists working with other methods of functional diagnostics.


The user-friendly interface and the simplicity of the method became our hallmark. These are the reasons why medical clinics, sport clinics, physiotherapists, chiropractors and other specialists chose NMAM as the main instrument for result assessment of their patient care methods. The result of Neuro-Amea recorder work is a dynamic map of cerebral activity. The studies could be done while the patient is resting, doing some physical activity or under a treatment. The "Model" map incorporated into the instrument describes the distribution of the slow electrical activity of the brain obtained from an average healthy individual in the given age group. The dynamic map obtained from a patient continuously compared with the Model. This allows the specialist to estimate severity of a problem.


The main advantages of the NMAM method according to our Clients are:

  • Scientific approach
  • Lack of contraindications
  • Does not stimulate (affect) the patient
  • Low stress
  • Low cost of the equipment
  • Does not use expensive supplies
  • Easy to operate
  • Standard methods of data interpretation
  • Dynamically observe the patient during treatment
  • Portability; the method only requires a laptop



Our technique is used:

    • For individual selection of medication or a treatment plan
    • To assess the effectiveness of treatment
    • For choosing correct patient loading
    • To identify and evaluate stress conditions
    • To track the rehabilitation process
    • For biofeedback therapy (Neurofeedback technology)
We are the developers of the NMAM method. We are a team of scientists and engineers, actively promoting our developments. Our software products are available in English and Spanish. Our team provides its customers with everything necessary for an “easy start”! We train your specialists to work on our equipment, we provide comprehensive technical and scientific support. We provide a 24-month warranty with subsequent renewal. Among our Clients are leading scientific institutions, as well as public and private medical and educational institutions in Russia and abroad.

Our Customers:


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